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Touristic information

Touristic information Montevideo

Touristic zones in Uruguay.
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The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo offers with height, all the tourist services, sceneries, coasts and beaches, culture, gastronomy...

Montevideo, Montevideo, capital

General information of Uruguay

Uruguay is a country placed in the southeast of South America that offers endless natural sceneries and an endless number of historical marvels to few kilometers of distance, which it do an excellent ...

Montevideo, Centro

Ciudad de la Costa

Along the Río de la Plata, between the creeks Carrasco and Bulging, a series of spas spreads from Shangrilá up to The Pinar grove, which ended up by forming only one urban area.

Montevideo, Cordón
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Invest in Uruguay

Information about investment in Uruguay, climatic advantages, fiscal advantages, routes of revenue, strategic place, telecommunications, competitive tariffs.

Hotels Montevideo

Best hotels in Uruguay
Hotels and resorts, campings, inns and ranches... Montevideo


Company´s and services guide.

Uruguay company, services, commerce, shots in only unique guide.