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Paso Severino finds located in the kilometer 73 of the route 5 in the Department of Florida, next to the locality of Isla Mala, where from Boy one gains access to the OSE dam in the river Santa Lucia Chico and to the lake formed by the work.

The place is surrounded by an indigenous mount and a park forestado.

In the waters of the lake and of the river Santa Lucia Chico the fans of the fishing find a wide variety of fluvial species, especially tents, tarariras and bagres.

An important area of the lake of Paso Severino, in the proximities of the Town 25 de Mayo, department of Florida, was declared a Protected Natural Area, which was well got for the authorities of OSE (Sanitary Works of the State) and of the National Direction of Environment (Dinama), across his technical staff.

It is provided with hotel facilities, swimming pools and sports fields.


Severino took place on September 12, 1870 during the Battle of the Spears in the Step, on the river Santa Lucia Chico, department of Florida. Fighting the gubernistas commanded by General José Gregorio Suárez, with an army of 5.000 men, against the commander Timoteo Aparicio, who was provided with 4.000 men.


The white Commander Timoteo Aparicio, initiated an armed raising, crossing the river Uruguay from Argentina. At the time of disembarking in Uruguayan territory, Aparicio was earning follower of his revolutionary cause, which there was proclaiming a new government where the targets were having right to govern.

On August 10, when they were passing five months of the landing of Timoteo Aparicio in the beach of the Attractive one, general Anacleto Medina joined him and his revolutionary cause with 800 men proceeding from San Jose and 400 of Mercedes. On September 12 Anacleto Medina managed to incorporate 1.400 men into the forces of Aparicio, which then came to a whole of approximately 4.000; this day the revolutionary forces met the General gubernista José Gregorio Suárez, who had been nominated a commander of the troops of the South.


General Timoteo Aparicio had the passage dominated that Boy was going of the river Saint Lucia, at a height of the Step Severino, arranging that commanders José Maria Pampillón y Latorre were moving back to leave that the general gubernista José Gregorio Suárez will cross it freely. To his front and with the line of widespread battle, the rest of the revolutionary divisions was hoping to the forces gubernistas in positions that previously they had chosen to manage to surprise the enemy.

Approximately at 9:30 a.m. there takes place the incorporation of the divisions of general Anacleto Medina, in support to the nationalistic forces of Timoteo Aparicio. The nationalistic troops attack and win to the gubernistas forcing them to cross the river, while the thickness of the army gubernista went opposite to the attack, arranging Aparicio the advance of some squadrons with the target to maneuver, which like that Suárez believed, segregating several squadrons in turn to push the load back. This Aparicio's false maneuver kept on debilitating Suárez's mechanism, and in a moment the nationalists make a detour to the troops gubernistas for both sides, arranging simultaneously to attack the center of the legal device.


The knighthood gubernistas was almost completely annihilated, there took the park and the droves of horses. General Suárez manages to be located to his infantry and artillery in the heights of the Bare Hill and paralyze the brave charges of revolutionary knighthood. Being the army gubernista almost without ammunitions was useful the hours of the night to leave the battlefield. The colored ones presented large falls in the field of battle, moving back definitely towards The Stones, being chased by the winners.

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